Claudia "this next dancer looks cheap" LL (claudiall) wrote in 00_nerd_crushes,
Claudia "this next dancer looks cheap" LL

Bob Blumer

I submit to thee the nerdy majesty of Bob Blumer.
He's the host of unusual cooking shows such as the Surreal Gourmet and lately, Glutton for Punishment.
He looks like a cross between Jon Stewart, David Lynch and Mr. Fantastic. That alone should guarantee a beating; but I guess it's his "Toastermobile" what makes him a grade A dork (plus, he's got a blog, I mean, c'mon ^^).
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I love the guy.
There really isn't much on the way of pictures here, but you can see some at his site, and his page at Food Network.
And here's a clip from the Surreal Gourmet up on YouTube.
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