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Hey, I'm new here. It seems that there hasn't been a post here in a while, so I thought I'd introduce you to my nerdy crushes collection.

Some of them weren't nerds (back in the sixties) but they are now considered as nerdy crushes. Especially since I'm 17 and should be dreaming of Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp. No thanks! I'll take my Beatles and news anchors that are as old as my parents!

I love Jon Stewart. He's so funny and smart at the same time.

Mike Nesmith of The Monkees. If you aren't aware, the Monkees were a popular tv-band from the sixties.

I first saw Aaron Yoo in 21, and fell in love.

Michael Emerson is somewhat odd-looking, but there's something about Ben Linus that I can't get enough of.

Bob Dylan. Enough said.

I absolutely love Humphrey Bogart! Nobody else my age sees it.

Brian Williams... he's so sexy, in my opinion.

Out of every man in the world, George Harrison is, and will always be my favorite.

I have no excuse for Jon Cryer. I can't help myself. He's attractive now too.

I first fell in love with Paul Rudd when I saw him on Clueless.

Barack Obama. I feel creepy saying this, but he's quite easy on the eyes.

Nobody I know sees it. I don't know why, Ringo's amazing.

There's something about Pete Townshend that I can't say no to.

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