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I want to see his


Glasses are my biggest turn-on~
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You were the only one who clapped when he gave his report on troglodytes.

You swore your heart skipped a beat when he offered to show you how to work the a href tags.

You thought Hayden Christensen was his hottest in Shattered Glass.

He's a social retard, so his icebrakers are usually something like "Hey, did you know William Shatner is the CEO of the Toronto-based Core Digital Effects company that created the effects for the 1996 film Fly Away Home?"---and it turns you on somehow.

Everyone else thinks you're a freak, but we don't! Come appreciate nerd-dom---post pics of your celebrity and non-celebrity object of nerdly affection. And squee and stuff.

Just three rules:

1. No non-nerd related promos. Ever.
2. No laughing at/bashing someone for their nerd crush. If you think the crushee is fugly, you don't have to comment. I will delete your comment and ban you if you do it a second time.
3. Johnny Depp is not a nerd. sry. Neither is Billie Joe Armstrong. Fact: there are 5.6 million Johnny Depp and/or Billie Joe Armstrong communities, icons, colorbars and layouts on Livejournal. Do you really want us to be in that clusterfuck of fangirls?