a funky ball of tits from outer space (katie_libertine) wrote in 00_nerd_crushes,
a funky ball of tits from outer space

Hello! I'm new, and I really love this com!


DERREN BROWN. I don't even know why, but holy crapppppp I'm in love with him. Seriously. He could read my mind all day long ;)

We Are Scientists. The whole band. But especially Keith!

Albert Hammond Jr. What a cutie!

Richard Ayoade

Jarvis Cocker!!!!!! Holy shit. His fingers. Holy shit.

Adam Ficek.  The drummer from Babyshambles. He used to be a music teacher! How wonderfully dorky is that?

Graham Coxon, from Blur!

And finally, Klaxons. They named their album after a science fiction book. My favorite's Jamie.

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