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hello my nerd-crushing compadres!!!

hi, just discovered this gem of a community and thought i'd share my own personal nerdy crushes. not all of them probably count as nerds, but if they vaguely resemble nerds or if i feel like a nerd for crushing on them, i've included them. note gratuitous nerdy-glasses!!! Also note that many of these have been seen before, but who doesn't like looking at MORE pictures of hottt nerds??

Spooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooock!!! Yes!!!

Leather-jacket-wearing, British, brilliant writer nerd

Harvard-grad, rock star nerd. I love, love, love him in the "Buddy Holly" vid, but couldn't find a pic...:(

In addition to all-around hottness, must note I love the name. Jack. Davenport. yeah.

I just about *died* when I saw him, in his adorable nerdy glasses, gettin' his LARP on in Role Models.

I swear, he could read the most boring thing on earth with this voice of his, and I'd be all over him LIKE THAT!! Also, generally nerdy-sexy-ness prevails.

Sure, sure, I heart House, but...something about the cute'n'sensitive oncologist Wilson just DOES it for me...

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd, the other SPOCK!!! YES!!! Shown here both with and without nerdy glasses.

He really is brilliant, both as an actor and a director. And foxy!

HOBBITS RULE!!! That being said, Mr. Wood is lickable both w/ and w/out glasses, but I esp. like this pic with them on:

Perfection. Perfection.

Awwwww, he's so adorkable he makes me want to cry!!

Don't tell me Costello doesn't melt your panties right off....

Definitely a quirky, punk-rock-ish nerd. But still, nerd. Only reason I watched "Son of the Mask" (v. inane film)

Ah, mine bon vivant indie star...

Requisite Tennant crush, found here.

Another fave Dave! If not actually a nerd, plays them well, ref. Carl in Van Helsing.

Joshua Jackson, AKA Peter Bishop on Fringe. Son of a genius, but not too shabby in the to-die-for nerd category himself. God, yes. More people need to watch this show btw.

I don't think Monsieur Gaspard Ulliel really counts as a nerd, but I love him anyway, esp. with the aforementioned NERDY GLASSES!!!! (who, me, obsessed? not even!)

Aaaaaah, 360 degrees just isn't enough!!

Buffy got it soooooooo wrong when she fell for the vampires...it was Giles she should have been doing...

Requisite Colbert love REPRESENT!!

Is it just me, or is Sir Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter just compellingly sexy or what?? Lecter's brilliant, a true intellectual. He just also happens to be a cannibal.

Simon Pegg. Kills zombies. Fights bad guys. Is British. Mama like.

Johnny Depp is kind of nerdy in a self-educated, rock'n'roll way. Also, GLASSES!!! *swoon*

Can't explain. It's just love.
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